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👋🏼 I'm Mayank Bansal (मयंक बंसल)
My-unk Bun-sal Hear pronunciation
, a 25 year-old Software Engineer and self-taught Designer that loves to design and build products that solve challenging world-scale problems with careful user research, design, planning and strong engineering principles. I have a sharp eye for pixel-perfect detail.

In my free time, you can find me mentoring, teaching, cooking or playing my guitar. I hope to use my interdisciplinary skills to help build a better and sustainable future.

Currently an engineer at Convoy, a freight and logistics company that wants to transport the world with endless capacity and zero waste.

10 Facts About Me
  • Born in Bengaluru
  • Personality type: INF-J
  • Left-handed (yes, ink smears everywhere)
  • Went to a beautiful boarding school
  • I own 27,500+ Lego
  • Webstorm > VS Code (fight me)
  • Chai > Coffee (am I even a Seattleite?)
  • Have an excellent credit score
  • The U.S. government thinks I'm "extraordinary"
  • I play percussive fingerstyle guitar 🎸

Sometimes, I write about social issues, personal life stories, technology and projects I've worked on. Here are a few highlights:

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2017 - 2018, Chicago, Illinois
Illinois Institute of Technology
3.65/4.00 GPA, B.S. Computer Science
Cum Laude, Dean's List, Scholarship, Finished Early
2014 - 2016, Manipal, Karnataka
Manipal University
B.S. Computer Science
Two Year Transfer

2019 - Present
Convoy, Inc.
Software Engineer II
Seattle, Washington
2018 - 2019
Legalpad, Inc.
Software Engineer + Designer
Seattle, Washington
2015 - 2018 (Part Time)
Mitraz Financial
Software Engineer + Designer
Chicago, Illinois

Here are some side projects / code samples I've worked on. Some of these projects may not have aged well, but hey... engineering involves an incremental learning process.
Not Netflix Inc - Checkout
React + Typescript + Framer Motion
(Code Sample) ~7 hours
Live DemoProjectImage
Luna's Ice Cream Shoppe
(Code Sample) ~4 hours
Live Demo
Material Modeling IDE
React, Three.js, Meteor
(Code Sample) ~10 hours
Live Demo
Tesla Model 3 UI Simulator
(Side Project) ~10 hours
Live DemoProjectImage
Freight Offers - React
(Code Sample) ~8 hours
Live Demo
Freight Offers - Svelte
Svelte + Typescript
(Side Project) ~4 hours
Live DemoProjectImage
Tag Autocomplete - React
React + Styled
(Code Sample) 1.5 hours
Live DemoProjectImage
Immigration Wizard
React, Rails
(Production App)
Interior Management Dashboard
AngularJS + Node.js + Neo4j
(Production App)
Micro-savings Platform
Angular + JQuery + Flask
(Hackathon) 24 hours
Technical Skills

Though I'm a Full Stack Engineer, my time is split 60/30/10 frontend/backend/design. I like to work on high quality experiences from user research to launch.
React, Svelte, Angular
Apollo + GraphQL
Framer Motion
Emotion, SASS/CSS
Next.js, Rails
Mocha / Jest, Cypress
Node.js + Express
Apollo Federation
Postgres, MySQL/SQL
MongoDb, Firebase
Python, C/C++, Java
C#, RobotC, Ruby
React Native
Figma, FigJam
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
Sketch + Principle + Origami
Volunteer Work

I spend about 10-12 weekends a year volunteering for STEM programs. It's a great way to inspire kids to become engineers and work on the worlds toughest problems.
FIRST Robotics
Over 500+ hours of event volunteering at FTC, FRC & FLL as Lead Scorekeeper, Field Management and Judge at the city, state, and world championship level. Former technical mentor for Illinois Tech Perspectives Math & Science Academy FRC Team 2709 - Iron Wolves (focus on robot programming, automation and game strategy) & multiple FLL teams.
Google CS First
Google CS First is an 8-week after-school computer science program for elementary schools. It uses MIT's Scratch programming language to teach basic CS principles with the help of short modules each with different focus and objective.

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